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    Great music is a staple of my daily life;
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Boston {Personal}

The beginning of the year I headed down to Boston, and then to Mystic Connecticut for a Photography Conference.   Mystic 7 (the conference) was awesome.  So different from other conferences I’ve gone to, where there are thousands of attendees.  This is a much more intimate conference, likely because it seems to be in the middle of nowhere ;) Which makes it more focused on learning.  I have too many notes and ideas to even begin to process.  I had to create a short list of all the immediate lessons learned.  Though I actually have no pictures from the conference, I do have a few from Boston.  I ventured down with the lovely Nataschia.  Turns out she’s quite fun and we make excellent travel partners.  We had two days to spend walking the streets of Boston, which I could spend my life doing, just walking around a city.  Turns out I knew pretty much nothing about Boston, except for the fact that I love a good Boston accent; Harvard is there; and they have some type sports team, called the Red Sox.   All of which I’d say I learned from Good Will Hunting.  After hitting just about all the boroughs, the commons, the cobblestone, the wharf, and a few pubs along the way, we obviously found ourselves at Newbury Street.   That was about the end of the pictures, due to my powers of persuasion, I convinced Nataschia that she could not continue life without a pair of premium denim.  After all my points were concluded and she was sold, she was like a tiger on the prowl, searching for the perfect pair.  Which of course, we found.  I would wager that she has not taken them off since ;)

A few shots of Boston.

Nataschia and I without knowing it, had chosen almost identical boots to be walking around Boston in.  We had a few comments from stranger.  With good reason.

This was pretty cool… an outdoor book shop in an alley.

And the end of the shooting — 50% off Frye Boots. Enough said.

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Krista Jefferson - Great pictures… but that outdoor book store… swoon.

Lindsay Palmer - It was totally swoon-worthy…..Adorable.

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