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    Great music is a staple of my daily life;
    Somehow all of this randomness has turned me into a person who is close to obsessed with capturing interaction and love with my camera.

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Momentum Fitness Club | Commercial Photographer | Hamilton Photographer

I’m sort of someone who likes to pretend to be athletic.  You know, I wish I was a runner.  I buy the cute shorts and nice shoes, but never really commit to a marathon or even around the block.  I can golf and play tennis, to keep up but that’s about it — I’m otherwise totally athletically challenged.   Please do not throw a ball at me and expect me to catch it. I assure you, I won’t, and it’ll probably hurt.

Working out, I will sadly admit I have also not committed to.  There are a thousand excuses, but primarily it’s hard for me to commit to a time frame as everyday is totally different from the previous in my life.   Well friends, I’ve found a solution to that little making-time-to-workout problem that many of us have.  Momentum Fitness Club.  It’s open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so you can actually go anytime you want.  It’s a Boutique Style Fitness Club with no memberships or contracts … Plus it just happens to be in the beautifully renovated old Post Office Downtown Dundas.  Convenient or what?!  I’ve talked to a lot of the members who all rave about it.  I recently did a little work for them and I will also tell you that the staff is awesome.  They almost make me want to go just to hang out with them, or hey, maybe even commit to that marathon.

So go check out their Site or Facebook page and consider stopping in to check out the gorgeous facilities.

This is Craig, the owner and his awesome staff Murray and Kristina



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