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    Despise being cold: I leave the heat set to 25, permanently;
    Great music is a staple of my daily life;
    Somehow all of this randomness has turned me into a person who is close to obsessed with capturing interaction and love with my camera.

    Now grab a coffee, and have a look around.

It’s My Turn!!!

Hello friends!

I thought I would let you all know that it really is my turn!!  A couple of weeks ago Steve and I got engaged!! I could not be happier.  We have no idea when we’ll set the date for — But I really thought I should share the news of our pending wedding.

Steve and I first started dating five years ago.  He had a one way ticket to India that was booked for a few months after we began dating.  So, we really thought that our relationship had an expire date. Seeing as he’d be gone for a year or so travelling around India and a variety of other countries.  We had agreed to go our seperate ways at the time.

However, to my wonderful surprise, I kept getting these amazing packages from India.  I can recall going to the post office to a rather disgusted-faced lady behind the counter, holding these grungy packages by the tip of the corner. They would come in hand sown canvas and would be filthy from the journey. I would be so excited to hear something from him, that I would tear it from her hand and rip the package open in the post office. These package would usually include such a warm letter that I would reread endlessly; as well as some trinket or pashmina or some other wonderful Maumbi or Goa find.

It took us a while to recoonect after that trip, but all these years later, we have a wonderful life together and I am so looking forward to spending the rest of my life with my very best friend. Life has such a way of working itself out. It makes me have faith that everything really does happen for a reason.

I can not wait to embark on this new adventure!!

L xo

Here is a little slideshow of the past few years in snapshots!

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