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    Looking forward to getting to know you... To get you started here's the quick version of me...
    There's my wonderful, should have been a chef, comedian of a husband Steve, my sweet boy, Jackson and the lively Livi;
    I've got an addiction to premium denim;
    Vanilla anything, especially a latte;
    I'm endlessly late and an eternal optimist, so there's hope for the former;
    Despise being cold: I leave the heat set to 25, permanently;
    Great music is a staple of my daily life;
    Somehow all of this randomness has turned me into a person who is close to obsessed with capturing interaction and love with my camera.

    Now grab a coffee, and have a look around.

Lesley and Don | Oakville Wedding | Butterfly Gazebo Wedding | Bronte Harbour Park | Oakville Photographer

Don and Lesley, I met these two at another wedding that I photographed.  It may have been in the first month that they knew each other.  A short while later, Don proposed to Lesley during a stage performance, it was filmed and wonderfully romantic.  They have spent the last year or so, joining their families together.   Lesley has two girls and Don has a girl and a boy.  They’ve since moved into a new home where everyone has a room; the walls are surly filled with laughter and love on a daily basis.  In the moments after the ceremony, I overheard Don’s daughter say to Lesley’s daughters: ‘now I can finally call you my sisters!’, with a smile that did not budge from her face, all day long.

On this beautiful day in June, Lesley and Don’s family doubled in size.  It wasn’t simply about the two of them, it was all about the six of them.

Enjoy a few of the images, I certainly enjoyed creating them.

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Grimsby Wedding Photography | Beamer Falls Manor Wedding | Cumbrae’s | Gray’s Florist | Jessica and Brandon

Oh my goodness, have I got a treat for you.  Jessica of Gray’s Florist and Brandon of Cumbrae’s had a pretty amazing wedding at hidden gem of a venue this past weekend: Beamer Falls Manor.

You could not possibly have asked for a better couple, more beautiful flowers, better food, or a more unique and intimate venue.

An early evening ceremony, followed by endless amounts of amazing food, drink and great company.

Enjoy the images, there are so many more, I simply could not choose.



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Virginia Raymond - Lovely pictures, you’ve captured the day beautifully.

Lifestyle Session | Hamilton Photographer | Family Photography | Ramsay and Karen

Coffee, Rainbow loom, Lego, Trains, Piano and testing out new names.

Spending the morning with Ramsay and Karen, their two soft spoken, kind hearted and beautiful girls as they welcomed the yet to be named  baby boy into their home.
These are the moments of childhood that we’ll remember.
The Littles may forget the details, but here they are, to remind them of what a cold morning in March looked like.



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Montessori Work Cycle | Lindsay Palmer Photography Moving Pictures | Dundas Valley Montessori | Hamilton Photographer

I’ve always struggled with articulating the beauty we see in Montessori.  So I poured my heart into this and now I don’t need words.

A day in the life of a four year old (JK) in Montessori.

“Never help a child with a task at which he feels he can succeed.” Maria Montessori

Student {of life} Jackson Palmer

Dundas Valley Montessori School 

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Family Photographer Hamilton | Dundas Photographer | Maternity Photography | Pam and Jamie Maternity

I’ve been lucky enough to get to document these two about once a year …. Engagement, Wedding, Millie first birthday.  Now as we await the arrival of a the fourth family member {imminently}.  Each time, I’m reminded that these guys really like each other, like, a lot.  They easily agree on things; they compliment one another, they look at each other with the same affection they shared at their Engagement Session.

Millie and her soon to be sibling are two very lucky kids – that will no doubt grow up in a house full of love and kindness.

A few of my favourites from our session together.



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Janine and James | Winter Wedding | Casablanca Winery Inn Wedding | Grand Olympia Wedding | Hamilton Photographer

Janine and James.  I would be willing to bet that anyone who gets to spend any amount of time with these two would say their hearts are full.

Warmth and kindness is all I felt from them.  To each other, to their family and friends.  To me.

A wintery wedding last Saturday.

It was cold and February’s version of perfection.

A few of the images.

Janine and James decided to a first look and have all of their portraits finished before the ceremony.

Could you possibly ask for a better reaction as James waited for Janine?

I teared up too, James.  You weren’t alone. 




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