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Tamahaac Wedding Photography | Hamilton Wedding Photographer | Hong Kong | Cheryl and John

John was raised in Hong Kong, that’s the life he knows. Cheryl was looking for an adventure and headed over to work there for a year…. to her mother’s dismay, Cheryl still lives in Hong Kong, four years later.

She has found her adventure with John.

When John proposed to Cheryl he told her they were going to the Four Seasons in Hong Kong for dinner with his co-workers. They arrived at the hotel and used a room key to access the elevator, not clueing into the fact that dinner quests don’t require a room key, she followed him to a room in the hotel.

When they entered the room, she noticed the view, the flowers, the toiletrees he had lovingly packed up for her along with an overnight bag. Still not clueing in as John began telling her how thankful he was for her and how much he loved her. It wasn’t until he got down on his knee that it hit Cheryl: this was it. He was asking her to spend her life with him. After saying yes, John pulled out the laptop and had her family on the other end waiting via Skype to hear the news.

John and Cheryl decided to make their wedding destination Ancaster, Ontario, Canada, where Cheryl was raised and her family resides.  They scheduled the wedding around the changing autumn colours in the trees to delight their guests, most of which travelled from Hong Kong.

They found the perfect venue. The Tamahaac Club in Ancaster, a private Social Club, surrounded by Carolinian Forest.  The outdoor ceremony overlooked the city and the guests enjoyed games and hors d’oeuvres on the lawn, while being serenaded by a harpist and cellist before entering the club.

With fall inspired decor, inclusive of hot apple cider and an entirely local, seasonal menu, the day could not have been more perfect.

Enjoy a few of their images.


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Linda - Absolutely beautiful pictures of two beautiful people. It was a marvelous day & your pics captured the day-the joy-the LOVE perfectly!

Harkamal - Wow, Lindsay! Stunning, stunning, stunning! I think this is my favourite of the weddings you have documented. You captured all these wonderful details so beautifully! Gorgeous!

Hamilton Photographer | Webster’s Falls | Engagement Session | Brandon and Jessica

I felt as though I already knew Jessica before we met.   We have shared a number of clients over on the wedding side of things.  Everyone’s always raving about how great Jessica at Gray’s Florist is.  Brandon, I did already know.  You probably do too  if you happen to be inclined to the best red meat around. 

Once I finally met Jessica at the beginning of this session, it was all a blur really.  I know this.  I laughed a lot.  You know that laughture where your cheeks are a little sore once it’s all over, just to remind you about how much fun you just had. That kind.

We walked around at Webster’s Falls and chatted.  They giggled about the story of them meeting.  I giggled about how Brandon seemed afraid, I was going to ask him to do something ridiculous.   We laughed about how we had all chosen to run businesses and live in Dundas and our love for this sweet small town.

Enjoy these two, I know I did.




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Lifestyle Session | Hamilton Children’s Photographer | Children’s Photographer | Dane and Jana |

189.  That’s the address in my head.  The details.  Jana called me and left a message.   I returned her call, we chatted and scheduled a session quickly.  Before her 6.5 month old sweet boy cut his first tooth, in the house that they recently sold and want to capture for the memories.  Their family history.

I arrive at the door, greeted by an elderly man.  I suggest that perhaps he’s not looking to have his 6 month old photographed.  He agrees and attempts to locate the correct address for me.  I look across the street to see someone waving me down.  198.  The details.

Eli is still sleeping, perhaps I could capture him waking up?  The details.

Eli waiting for his lunch while dad has a coffee.  The details.

Eli giggling and trying to bite his toes.  The details.

Mumford and sons playing {on a record player that I now must have}.  The details of this life.  This time.  Right now.  Eli was sitting on the couch and I noticed him on his back with his legs up, grabbing at his toes.  I needed to capture it.  First time parents, may not realize it but in a few weeks, he’ll never do this again.  That angle, that look.  Something new will replace it but that will be gone forever.

Life seems to be all about connections.  I connected here.  In this house with these strangers.  With this sweet boy.  No longer strangers and the details have been captured for Eli to see.

It is their history.  These details.




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Pam - Wow. These images make me all teary-eyed and I don’t even know the subjects! Amazing job Lindsay. You are amazing and capture such raw emotion. Such love!

Owen Makes Five | Hamilton Children’s Photographer | Family Session | Down Syndrome

You’re probably sitting around wondering which cause you should donate to this month ;)  Not to worry, I have your answer.  The Hamilton Down Syndrome Association, which this wonderful family is a big part of.

This very Sunday the first annual Buddy Walk is happening at Bayfront Park.  A walk in support of children with Down Syndrome and their families in Hamilton.

Here is the link the donation page — We’re on Team Owen in case you want to join our team.   It’s the team to be on.  We’ll be there bright and early in support of this sweet family and this glowing light of life, Owen.

You may remember Jenn from here, shortly before Owen was born and of course Owen from his newborn photos here.  

Now introducing the rest of the family, they’re amongst my favourites.

Enjoy a few images from a morning with three boys under four and two amazing parents.


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Destination Wedding | Emma and Ed | Mexico | Hamilton Photographer | Wedding Images the Excellence Riviera Cancun

I arrive in Mexico, greeted by a stranger holding a Lindsay Palmer sign, she guides me to a Corona while I await my transportation.  My first sign it was going to be a good week.  A short, quite ride later, I arrive at The Excellence Riviera Cancun and am greeted again.  This time with open arms, hugs, Champagne and the offer of a lunch date with these two beautiful people.  Ed and Emma.  Looking relaxed and full of love.  They had slowly been welcoming family and friends to the resort for the previous two days.  All of their loved ones in one place, their love tanks were full.  With Ed’s family from Ontario and Emma’s from British Columbia, having everyone together has never happened.  A destination wedding was the perfect answer.

All of these people.  50 to be exact, flying in to spend the week together and celebrate the life and love of Emma and Ed.

As I mentioned previously, Emma and Ed are just the kind of people you want to be around.  It’s clear that they attract those that value and love them.

What a week.

Eat. Drink. Be Married.


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Harkamal - Beautiful, Lindsay! Love the colors and it looks so dreamy.

Emma - You are simply the best!

Personal | The Unofficial Last Day of Summer | Centre Island | Centreville | Toronto

I’ve spent the last few days in Mexico documenting the wedding of these beautiful souls.

(If you’re waiting for an email response.  I’ll be back to work Tuesday morning.  Promise).

I returned Thursday night.  The eve of our unofficial last day of Summer before my littles head off to school next week.   I’ll save those tears for another post.

I have been meaning to get to Centre Island all Summer.  At the last minute, I decided Friday was the day.  We grabbed a train and headed into the city.

Here’s a different view of our day.

Enjoy the last day of August friends.


xxxxxx                              xxxxxx


Music by the wonderful American Authors, with permission.

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