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    Looking forward to getting to know you... To get you started here's the quick version of me...
    There's my wonderful, should have been a chef, comedian of a husband Steve, my sweet boy, Jackson and the lively Livi;
    I've got an addiction to premium denim;
    Vanilla anything, especially a latte;
    I'm endlessly late and an eternal optimist, so there's hope for the former;
    Despise being cold: I leave the heat set to 25, permanently;
    Great music is a staple of my daily life;
    Somehow all of this randomness has turned me into a person who is close to obsessed with capturing interaction and love with my camera.

    Now grab a coffee, and have a look around.

Dundas Photographer | Barn Wedding | Hamilton Photographer | Martin and Stephanie

 Martin and Steph met briefly almost a decade ago.  They clicked but nothing came of it at the time.  Life happened in-between, as did a couple of sweet little ones {Jemma and Dayton}.

A few years ago they found themselves meeting again.  At the suggestion of a mutual friend – They went on a few dates.  Martin had to stay with Steph for couple of weeks early in their relationship and never left.   Everything just worked.

They planned a summer wedding, in a beautiful old barn with lots of love and detail.

Martin and Stephanie.  Jemma and Dayton.

They became a family on this day.

Enjoy the images.






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Sandra Regier - Great job Lindsay! These photos are absolutely stunning!!

Lindsay Palmer - Why thank you Sandra ;)

Stephanie Klein - Omg, my wedding looks like a picture from pintrest. Lindsay you are absolutely amazing!

Laicie - Nice photos! Klein, you are getting old brother.. lol JK Wishin you best of happiness and love:)

Jackie - Hi There,

Where did this wedding take place? Please advise.

Lindsay Palmer - Hi Jackie,

It is a private home, not a rentable venue.



Hamilton Lifestyle Photographer | Newborn Lifestyle Photography | Evan Makes Four

If I could get everyone to do a {lifestyle} newborn session I would.  I love them.  Like, love them.

That’s right, I said: Like.

This little man had only been breathing for 8 days.

I got to spend the morning with him and his new sweet family in their beautiful home.

This is day 8 of Evan’s life.

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Sigi Hatzl From Austria - These photos are just wonderful. But with such a Family,
it can not be otherwise.

Love greetings Sigi and Trudi

Jane Poetz - I love these photos! Very creative work… is so hard to pick a favourite. The black and white of him on the dresser is in my top five.

Would highly recommend you….

One Year of Millie | Hamilton Children’s Photographer | Family Session | Hamilton Photographer

One Year of Millie.

Millie turned one just a few days after we did this session, back in June.  The light of her parents’ eyes would be an understatement.

The beautiful Pam and Jamie, who I especially like working with.  Have had this sweet, calm little heart to love and guide for a whole year.

Happy first trip around the sun Millie.


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Hamilton Family Photographer | Lifestyle Photographer | Dundas Photographer | Superhero Session | Justin and Sarah

Imagine for a second.  Your childhood family portrait was an image of your childhood.  You parents loving you for who you are, fully embracing it and outright enjoying it.  William and Sadie and their impossible to miss personalities brought their parents along for a portrait.

Sadie, spent the duration of the shoot, exploring nature, pointing out plants and generally being overly interested in her surroundings.  William spent the shoot, making the surroundings his.  He arrived in his ever present super hero costume.  Leading the way, demanding attention in that special way four year olds as do.

Justin and Sarah. The parents to these two beautiful personalities were nothing but encouraging.  They were free, celebrated and loved for being who they are.

Just my kind of family.

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Jackson’s 4th Birthday | The Boy is Four | How did that Happen?

The boy turned four.  That’s serious.  Daily, I’m asked if my little people are twins.  Daily I have said, no, they’re 2 and 3.  That sentence is always followed by some version of “you’re crazy”.  Now, it is with a smile that I will reply: nope they’re 2 and 4.  I’m looking forward to a less surprised reaction from the daily exchange for another few months.

It has been my experience that when you are a 3 year old boy in school, you spend a great deal of time thinking about your birthday party.  You spend a lot of time talking about what is going to happen at said party, who you’re going to invite, what presents you might receive, threatening others with the potential of in fact, not being invited to said party and finally counting the sleeps until that party.

It came on June 22.  We woke up and did what every man in their mid thirties and every 4 year old wants to do.  We went and launched a rocket.  I will note, that I was against the whole thing.   It just doesn’t scream ‘safe’ to me.  I lost, we lauched, not one but three rockets (in a big open field).  Afterwards, a trip to the toy store to pick something out.  Followed by a nice relaxing afternoon because we were off to Marche Nocturne that evening which requires a lot of energy.  A street party, 300 people in all white on your 4th birthday.  Does it get much better?

Yes, actually it does.  It gets better when you wake up the next day to realize this is the day all of your friends are coming over for a party to celebrate you.  The kind, determined, structured, inquisitive, caring little human that you are.  It was the day to celebrate 1460 days of Jackson Palmer.

To start, he’s his video invite this year.  He kills me.  Sorry about my giggles, I couldn’t help it.


{They can be a little dramatic, it’s almost silent}

Off to Marche Nocturne or the Party of the Year as it’s warmly referred to as.
A little taste of the party festivities. 
What’s a party without a bucket of water guns? 
As it turned out… this paint was not “washable”.  The plus side, I’ll only make that mistake once. 

A post party picture.  A portrait of a partied out, very happy four year old boy.

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