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    Looking forward to getting to know you... To get you started here's the quick version of me...
    There's my wonderful, should have been a chef, comedian of a husband Steve, my sweet boy, Jackson and the lively Livi;
    I've got an addiction to premium denim;
    Vanilla anything, especially a latte;
    I'm endlessly late and an eternal optimist, so there's hope for the former;
    Despise being cold: I leave the heat set to 25, permanently;
    Great music is a staple of my daily life;
    Somehow all of this randomness has turned me into a person who is close to obsessed with capturing interaction and love with my camera.

    Now grab a coffee, and have a look around.

Lifestyle Session | Hamilton Photographer | Kirk and Caitlin | Lifetime Session

I arrive and am greeted by two cautiously curious souls in the window.  I’ve never met Kirk, Caitlin or their three littles.  The boys quickly warm up to me.   We await the arrival of their dad, whose been gone since the day before.  Fighting fires.

He arrives carrying flowers for the beautiful momma and a warm smile.  The boys run to dad’s arms.  The sweet baby girl, with two older brothers, smiles and lights up the family.    Coffee.  Stories.  Cuddles. Giggles. Love.  This time in our lives is so brief.  Fleeting really.

A family of five and a window into their lives, which is already entirely different.



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The Long Cold Winter | Personal | Life Lately

I’m just going to do a quick post about the past few months and then pretend this little posting hiatus never happened, k?.

It’s been a long winter, or probably just a regular length winter but with a 2 and 3 year old stuck inside… It has been long and cold.   Needless to say, I was not feeling overly blog-ish and needed a break following the very busy Fall/Christmas shooting season.  I’ve got a long list of sessions to blog, but for now.  Life Lately.

First there was January.  This is how we all feel about January around here.

So, we hit the RBG to see the Battle of the Titans… That’ll liven things up.

Then of course, “Malentine’s Day”….  Who doesn’t love a reason to make heart shaped cookies.

Livi had the pleasure of riding her first real horse.  Horses are to Livi as trains are to Jack.  Basically, nothing else is worth talking about — As you can imagine, this was a big day.

I don’t think she stopped giggling.  No for real, I don’t think she did.  Look at that face.  

February needed a little help so we hit the beach and made a few “livi pies” in the sand.

They took to ordering cocktails rather quickly….

A week of swimming is really what happened.

This one has been in the habit of fake smiling all winter.  It kills me.  

Then March hit.   The Easter Bunny came three times.  Friday. Saturday.  Sunday.  Hopefully the Easter Bunny remembers the chocolate lows next year and only comes once.

Those lows look a little like this….

March brought a few semi-warm, sunny days and the long-cold-winter-with-toddlers seemed to be coming to an end.

Here we are in April.  Ready for the beach again.  I’m a sun girl.  I can’t help it.   It’s just in my nature, goes with the cold hands I guess.

Bring it Spring.  We’re ready for you.



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Felix and Sarah | Orillia Wedding Photographer | Hawkridge Golf and Country Club | Hamilton Photographer

They had known of each for a few years.  Felix had gone to school with Sarah’s older brother and had caught her eye once or twice.  Fast forward a few years, and a few emails later… they met for a Sunday lunch, which somehow turned into Sunday dinner and a few short seasons later, a gorgeous Saturday autumn wedding.

Sarah, full of life, love and energy compliments Felix’s calm, caring, kind nature.  A perfect balance if you ask me.

Enjoy the images and this next chapter of the story.

Venue: Hawkridge Golf and Country Club 

Makeup:  Avaia Salon

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Steve & Ruth - Sarah & Felix, Wonderful reflection to a beautiful day. Great pics capturing those gentle and special moments – loved the way you were able to capture your flowers :) and the colours of fall. Congratulations to you both, can’t wait to see more!!

Gerry & Marie | Beverly Golf Club Wedding | Hamilton Photographer

Marie and Gerry, you’ll remember from their Engagement Session.

They were married outside with the soft sounds of someone playing the guitar, how fitting for them.  Marie’s children walked her down the aisle, she teared up, and so did I actually.  It was beautiful.  They joined their family together and went on to throw a great party.  I couldn’t have enjoyed myself any more that day.  Thank you for sharing your love with me Gerry and Marie.

I have to say that this was the first time I have shot at Beverly Golf and Country Club and I now highly recommend it.  Everything was organized, efficient and so well done.  If you’re getting married go check them out.

For now, enjoy Marie and Gerry on their beautiful wedding day…..

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The Girl. She’s 2 | Personal | Princess Party | Cinderella Party

Well, I officially no longer have a baby in the house.  For Livi’s first year of life we referred to her as “the baby”.  The second year, we decided to start using her name, or some variation of it….  I regret that decision.  I wish I could still call her “the baby”.  I can’t.  She’s a girl now.  She’s also renamed herself “fuffie”.  It was over a month ago now and she’s still pretty firm on telling people that’s her name.  You can imagine the looks I get when she corrects someone and says: “I’m not Olivia, I”m fuffie”.

She’s my favourite girl in the world.  Full of life.  Happiness.  Determination.  Spirit and Smiles.  She’s in love with animals.  All types, but particularly horses.  She really eats nothing except for her favourites: Yogurt, fruit, PB&J; Pancakes; and I’m struggling to think of something else she’ll eat, but the only answer is cookies, and after Sunday …. apparently she likes Cake.

Livi fit right into our family and has brought nothing but love to it.  She and Jack are best friends.  I’m asked once a week if they’re twins.  Livi has kept right up to Jack and talks non-stop.  Cinderella is her current favourite along with Dora and Diego.  We read a lot of books … this week’s favourite: The Paperbag Princess.

We celebrated this sweet girl of ours with a Princess Party.  Grace, my best friend’s daughter, who by default is Livi’s best friend….. Happens to have a birthday 3 days before Livi.  So … we decided to have a double birthday party this past Sunday.

For Grace who turned 3 on Thursday.

 For Livi who turned 2 on Sunday.

A few of the images.

*Livi Checking out her “birthday party” (Which she says in a full Boston accent)

Grace and Julie.  

Look… I was there too ;)) Thank you Julie! 

The Girls going to check out their party: 

The Pink and White Jelly Beans were the hit of the party.  
My Sweet Girl.  So excited. 
 Chocolate Princess Wands handmade by Grandma: 

They each had a cake, if you can call it that… More of a piece of art ;) Also handmade by my mom. 

 What’s a Princess Party without a real Princess?!  Cinderella came for a visit.  

It was a little alarming seeing my sweet girl with the makeup on.  Blue apparently is not her eye colour.  

Cinderella stayed to help the kiddos sing Happy Birthday to the girls.

It’s apparently quite exhausting being a princess.

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Victoria and Stephen | Copetown Woods Wedding | Hamilton Photographer

Victoria and Stephen, who you’ll remember from their Engagement Session, were married at the beginning of September on what started out as a beautiful sunny day.  Right up until it wasn’t.  With looming dark clouds, these two wed without fear, on the beautiful grounds of Copetown Woods.  Despite the potential downpour that was about to start any moment, they successfully had their gorgeous outdoor service and went on to enjoy the day with their wonderful family and friends.

Here are a few of their images.



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