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Chris & Dana | Copetown Woods Wedding | Dundas Photographer

Chris and Dana who you’ll remember from their Engagement Session.  Might just be the easiest people in the world to spend your day with.  Their wedding day was no exception, it just happen to include the addition of their equally fun families and friends.  I’ve been so lucky to attract such awesome clients.

Thank you both for sharing this beautiful season of your lives with me.  It’s been such a pleasure.

This also happened to be a fully local wedding…

The gorgeous venue: Copetown Woods

The Dress: Heirlooms Bridal  (Dundas)

The Cake: Picture Perfect  (Dundas)

and finally:

Gray’s Florist. (Which happened to be founded by Dana’s beautiful and surely missed mother, Debbie).  Seriously, the flowers were easily the nicest I’ve ever seen at a wedding.  Stunning, and the perfect way to include Debbie in the day.

Enjoy the collection.  I certainly enjoyed making it.

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Adam and Ashlee | Royal Botanical Gardens Wedding | Hamilton Photographer | RBG Wedding

The story of their first meeting, is one for the movies, or so it is when Adam tells it.  Ashlee debates a few key points, which really alters the story quite a bit… Adam holds true that the facts are the facts.

Both agree that when Ashlee moved to London, England four years ago, Adam was the first person she met.  A true British man.  Four years later, they returned to Canada with Adam’s family and friends in tow to celebrate their love and the future.  That future is certain to be filled with humour.  I’d met Ashlee briefly once before with her mother when she was in Canada earlier this summer for some wedding recognizance.   Easy to love, Ashlee is a vibrant, confident, warm, gorgeous woman.   Adam, on the other hand, I had not met until moments before he walked down the isle.  We quickly said hello and the ceremony began.  By the end of the ceremony, I was hooked.  Adam’s vows which included plenty of heartfelt promises to love, honour and respect Ashlee, also had little things like, promising to always be the cook and always carry the luggage.  She picked a good one and he’s a lucky man.

I’d love to say that I wasn’t giggling hysterically while shooting most of this wedding, but I’d be lying.  Seriously.  He’s funny!


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Gerry & Marie | Candy Engagement Session | Dundas Photographer | Four Weddings Photos

I was sitting in the studio editing, listening to music, questionably too loud for the neighbours liking, waiting for my next clients to come in for a wedding consult.  It was Marie and Gerry.  They walked in as I reached to turn the music down.  Gerry, happened to know what I was listening to.  This was months ago, I was listening to the Avett Brother’s. Who were rather less popular than they maybe now.  With good reason, I was impressed with Gerry and immediately liked him.  Marie, was just as easy, she’s lovely, might be one of the funniest women I’ve met and has good taste in clothes, music and clearly men ;)

Marie and Gerry incorporated Marie’s children in their Engagement Session, the inspiration for the session was to use the images on their sweet table at the September wedding, which I might add, will be on a popular little television show.  So get comfortable, you’ll be seeing a lot of these two.

Soundtrack for this post: I and Love and You.  Avett Brothers.

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Carol - Hi Lindsay: You have captured my daughter beautifully, not to mention my grandchildren Ella and Aiden and my soon to be son-in-law Gerry. Looking forward to meeting you. Carol

Clancy & Tyler | Ruthven Park Wedding | Caledonia Photographer | Marquis Gardens

Clancy and Tyler were married at Ruthven Park, might be one of the prettiest venues of the year.  I love an outdoor wedding, and we all know my thoughts on willow trees.  The location couldn’t have been more perfect just as the rest of the day.  As you know, I met Clancy and Tyler back in the Spring for their Engagement Session and fell for them immediately.  Their wedding day was much the same, lots of love, fun and laughter.  Tyler’s a riot and Clancy balances him out, just perfectly.  A beautiful day all around, thank you for sharing it with me Tyler and Clancy.

Enjoy the images….

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Michele Altamore-Hill - gorgeous pictures…love looking at your work Lindsay

Clancy Lickers - LOVE the pictures Lindsay!! They are beautiful! THANK YOU :)

Lindsay Palmer - Oh thank you ladies! Love hearing from you Michele ;))

Glenn & Megan | Dundas Wedding Photographer | Christ Church Wedding |

Glenn and Megan came up from Boston where they live, to celebrate their small, intimate wedding with a group of family and close friends.  To be able to capture their wedding, was an honour.  Having not met Megan or Glen prior to their wedding day, I was pleasantly surprised when I arrived and met Megan.  She may have been the most laid back bride, ever.  She picked up her gorgeous and unique wedding dress from LauraLoom on Etsy,  Shortly thereafter, I met Glenn, he’s the brother of one my most favourite families in the world.  How could I not love him.  Happy, relaxed and enjoying the day with each other and their families.

A few of the images…

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Dundas Photographer | Hamilton Photographer | Dundas Engagement Session | Stephen & Victoria


Though we had chatted through email, the first time I met Steve and Victoria was when we met for this session.  They exceeded my expectations and were so easy to chat with.  It was such a pleasure to walk around and get to know these two.

Enjoy the images.  Their wedding is approaching in just a few weeks, so we’ll be seeing them again soon.

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Tillsonburg Wedding Photographer | Hamilton Photographer | Collin and Laura | St. Anne’s Church

I don’t know what it is about Father’s on a wedding day, but they get me everytime.  It’s really the only time I get emotional during the course of capturing a wedding story.  It’s always the dads that get me.  Likely because my own father is so important to me.  He’s my favourite man and I can often find his traits in fathers on wedding days.

Laura’s father was no exception.  Having worked with him before, I was pleasantly surprised to find that he happened to be the Father of the Bride for this wedding.  I had not connected the dots before arriving to his home to capture Laura getting ready.   This man has two daughters.  In every single interaction I witnessed him have with them, the love for them both just poured out through his every word and movement.  He called it blabbering, I call it beautiful.  He cried walking Laura down the isle, during his speech and of course during the ceremony.  I just loved him.

I’m sure the tears have everything to do with the fact that he knows Collin well.  Laura choose correctly and  her father can see it.  Just like I could.  Collin and Laura are very honest with each other.  Having known eachother their whole lives, they avoided any awkard family meetings or meshing.  They’ve all been friends and neighbours for decades.

Tillsonburg weddings might be my favourite.  I think it’s the people.  Authentic, kind and loving.  All day long, Collin, Laura and their friends checked in to ensure we were okay, had eaten, had a drink, were doing well.  With hundreds, literally hundreds of people to host and spend the day with,  I think it really speaks volumes when the bride and groom, the family and wedding party repeatedly check in to make sure we’re happy.

Clearly best friends already.  I can’t wait to watch these two create a family and have the life they deserve together.

Amazing day.  Amazing wedding.  Amazing couple.  Thank you for your kindness.  Enjoy the images….

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Omie Vilez - You have truly captured the magic of that special day!
Stunning stunning stunning!!!!!!!

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